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Deputy by NapalmKrillos Deputy by NapalmKrillos

Daniella Pinscher, though better known simply as “Deputy,” is a police sergeant from Interpol and Sheriff’s partner and second-in-command. Specializing in marksmanship and car stunts, Deputy never misses her mark with her trusty Beretta Model 92 and no road is impossible when she is behind the wheels.

Deputy is a stoic, collected and highly independent woman who is best known to be the most loyal and trustworthy of the force, especially to her partner Sheriff. She looks up to Sheriff like a hero and she would go great lengths to help with whatever case he’s assigned to. Both her and Sheriff developed a special bond of trust together that could never be broken.

People had compared her loyalty that of a dog’s. Though that would mean that her loyalty is unquestionable, it also leads her to be gifted with the lesser known nickname “The Doberman Marksman.”

Deputy is quite devoted to her work as a police officer and few worried that it might affect her health. Fortunately, she takes good care of her body and she has to in order to keep up with Sheriff’s work.

Before she began her career as a police officer, Deputy was a New York street punk who would enter illegal street games for money and led a rather purposeless lifestyle. However, her life changes when Sheriff himself entered the ring, deciding to teach her a lesson, and gave her a quick whoopin’.

With Deputy’s life got straighten out and gained a whole new motivation, she went and joined with the police academy. Once she graduated with flying colors, she was later transferred to New York Police Department and from there she reunited with her hero. Since then, they partnered up and Sheriff took her under his wing and personally trained her most thoroughly so she could get more accustomed to his ways. After long days of sweat, blood and explosions, Deputy came out as a whole new woman and a force not be reckoned with.

When Interpol came to recruit Sheriff, he recommended them to recruit Deputy as well, much to her inner joy. Both got accepted and they joined with Interpol. Now ranked as sergeant and became Sheriff’s second-in-command, they continue to fight crime to this day.


    ·          It is unclear as to why she has her fringe cover her other eye. Rumors say that she is covering it due to either hide a scar or a tattoo.

    ·         Deputy got her nickname by her peers for being Sheriff’s partner and protégé. She accepted the nickname quite willingly, believing it to fit well with Sheriff’s nickname and his love for old Spaghetti Western-movies.

    ·         Deputy has only one thing she fears and that is having a vacation. Due to having lack of big hobbies and friends, she has very much little to do by herself.

    ·         She likes to collect various gun models.



ShockWaveX2 Featured By Owner Aug 11, 2014
I wouldn't want to get in her way or on her bad side.
TITANOSAUR Featured By Owner Aug 11, 2014  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Nice! such nice long legs! *licks lips*
db1993 Featured By Owner Aug 11, 2014
Very nice
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